Zbrush and Blender stylus and training guide

If you are using the Microsoft Surface Pen with 1 button to sculpt or do 3D modeling on a tablet or Surface 2 in 1 device you already know it is a limited experience. There is a few great reasons to choose the Renaisser Raphael "R520" 2 button stylus for digital art and 3D modeling or sculpting. 

I spent the last 3 years heavily focused on finding and providing a solution for this as I'm an techie artist who loves and compulsively feels a need to fix slow processes. That can be a little bit of an annoying personality trait in some places but seems to be really useful here. 😁 

I own 10 different stylus for my Surface Pro 7 and have a clear and definite favorite stylus. I use the stylus exclusively and it's not the single button pen made by Microsoft (which is okay). I like the stylus so much that I contacted the manufacturer and worked out an arrangement to start selling the stylus myself (smart and moral). That's a great strategy btw, find the best out of what's available, that people need, want, and sell it yourself. 

Here is my video about the stylus. 


If you want to learn how to best use your tablet and stylus to do 3D on a tablet watch this video